Living Is All About Lighting: Cool Lighting Ideas For Modern Living Room

Living room lighting should be taken care with most extreme attention, as it is frequently the only room that one sees right away over when entering a home. The light sets the mood and tone of mind in the living space. A good lighting also gives a comfortable feeling and a sense of belongingness.

In today’s generation, there are lots of choices and options accessible when it comes to illuminating and lighting up your lounge or living room. Be extravagant, classic and straightforward in choosing your lighting because there are plenty of varieties present nowadays. Here are some of the ways to brighten up your living room.

Cool Lighting Ideas For Modern Living Room

Centerpiece Chandeliers

Centerpiece chandeliers not only add some style, but they are also practical as well. If you place it in the right spot, you don’t need to add some extra lighting to your living room. Thereby, it will result in contracting and reducing your power consumption and your electricity bill and carbon footprint as well.

Do it Yourself Table Lamps

This DIY lamp is one of the most creative ways of personalizing and enhancing your living room lighting. Your table lamps are delicate and subtle regarding the effects of illumination with reduced glare. Accordingly, they provide an ideal setting for a warm and cozy vibe. Personalized lighting for your table offers added elements of customization from the light’s illumination.

Cool Lighting Ideas For Modern Living Room

French Window Daylight

Strategically-positioned windows enable the daylight to go into the room and light up the living space. It requires some significant lighting as the sunlight is accessible for the day while artificial lighting is necessary during the evening.

Since the front room is the place where we spend a significant portion of time relaxing at home, it is indeed a necessity to make a utilization of light rising through French windows.

Artistic Sconce

Sconces add style and aesthetic appeal to any space. They enlighten the room and gives an excellent background against your wall. Imaginative and artistic sconces are minimal and don’t consume too much space in your place. As an additional advantage, you get to save more flooring space since they only settled on your wall,  and does not invade the flooring area.

False Ceiling Lights

False ceiling lights offer you enough variety and lighting options regardless the area you use. These lights are closer to your floor than a regular ceiling. Hence, they are brighter by contrast. It is also easy to hide the panels in the living room as they’re hidden within the ceiling area.

Illuminated Ceiling

As opposed to your false ceiling lights were some lights fixtures, illuminated ceiling comes after when the full ceiling is entirely lit up. The living room transforms into a surreal and exciting space that resembles skylights from up above.

Illuminated Ceiling

Rail Lighting

Rail lighting is known for providing a glow that offers you an illumination and warmth. A metallic strip will give you a light fixture that you can just mount on the wall. Rail lighting also makes for a centralized and electrical outlet as well.


Hanging your lights in multiples from your ceiling with the use of cord are also known as a pendant lighting. A pendant lighting is elegant and understated by a glance and is an excellent match to your living room décor. The varieties and assortment that one can utilize by mixing and matching various lights offer a specific and pleasant lighting for any occasion.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are the dependable and traditional mode of lighting because they are easy to move around according to requirement. Further, the height adjustment quotient comes in handy for multiple uses in the living room according to the activity you need to do. Floor lamps blend well with the furnishing of the living room due to their slim nature as well.

String Lighting

A series of light that resembles and connected to a rope is called a string lighting. It is one of the most highly durable models that is known for its robust life. You don’t have to replace these lighting fixtures all the time as they are a versatile lighting. String lights come with convenient flash because of their free nature and allow us to explore different kinds of illumination outlays in your living room. You can also use a modern outdoor lighting to improve your yard.


Everybody wants to make their home to look as beautiful as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot deny the fact that most people don’t always have money to do such home improvement projects. But there are ways to do without spending a fortune, lighting setups for one. Whether it’s for relaxing and reading, the proper lighting helps us make all our living even better. By following this tips and idea, you can now create your cool modern living room.

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