Rowing Kayak on the Han River – An interested feeling

Rowing Kayak is an underwater sport which is enjoyed by young people. This sport is popular in famous destinations such as: Cat Ba, Ha Long Bay, Vung Tau, Nha Trang. it is difficult for visitors to try this sport in a short vacation. However, Rowing Kayak had opened in Da Nang.

You tend to book tour on website and have lots of great experiences when you rowboat on the Han River.

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My Khe Da Nang

Rowing Kayak on the Han River – An interested feeling

From the Dragon Bridge, visitors, who take part in rowboat, are guided basic techniques. Then, they will warm up with simple exercises and begin the journey to win the Han River. The program is held regularly on the Han River by the Kayak Club. It occurs on from Monday to Friday from 5pm- 7pm. This sport does not only contribute to the diversification of Da Nang’s tourism but also create a busy space on Han River.

Many people, who have never tried this sport, think it is difficult to play. If you are trained lots of basic techniques you tend to do skillfully. Coaches will guide visitors lots of techniques to avoid waves, keep a balanced boat. Because the time starts from the afternoon to the evening, visitors will have a chance to see the city with the lights from the middle of the river. What a beautiful city!

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The point of departure is Dragon Bridge, tourists will row to the Han River bridge and row back and finish their journey. In addition, the Kayak Club also organizes long routes from the Dragon Bridge to Tien Sa Port. Afterwards, they will have a lot of experiences such as: diving, seeing coral, camping in Van village and rowing to Co Co river.  This long rowing boat is opened for many people who can swim and have the basic techniques.

If you want to the rowboat, you sit in the boat and put your back against the back seat, your knees are comfortable. Stretching of your legs and shrink a hiccup, you will find a suitable position. If you put your legs too straight or too curved, you will feel uncomfortable when your rowboat. There are two kinds of the paddle:  feathered or nonfeathered. “nonfeathered” are two paddles are located on the same line and plane. “Feathered” has deviated at a certain angle.

Kayak boat is very easy to use. You should try it on the waters are quiet before. Then warm up with simple techniques. The long paddle will allow you to paddles longer but slower than the short paddles.When you start, you should lose your hand, do not need to hold it too tight.

If you come to Da Nang you can try this sport. You can travel Da Nang with your family, your friends…and have experience with drive boat. Besides, you also travel lots of places such as: Non-Nuoc Ngu Hanh Son, Linh Ung pagoda, Ban Co top, My Khe beach, Pham Van Dong beach…Welcome to Da Nang!! Click to book tour if you like

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