I’m such a huge fan of Hayden Reis!  They’re  homegrown here in Sarasota, which is just the cream in my coffee.
  Fashionable, durable, sailcloth totes and accessories.  oh!  and they can be monogrammed!
They are the ultimate bag with which to build the BEST EVER bridesmaid gift from.
If I were getting married again, my bridesmaids would be getting the below.
and i’d give them out at a bridal luncheon dedicated just for them before the wedding festivities… at none other than Shoogie Boogies in downtown Sarasota!
The Hayden Reis bag// I love my Hayden Reis tote!  and you can even get them monogrammed.
Right now you can get free shipping + 10% off with code: SarahTucker10 and if you order 6 or more (perfect for bridesmaids) you can get 30% off your order of the ditty or middy. (just call or email and they’ll help you with placing your order)  This is available thru august 25th, 2013.
Monogrammed pinch provision //  You’ve probably heard me praise these little bags of literally everything you’ll need for those just-in-case moments.  Perfect for bridesmaids or just if you like to be prepared (ahem: me)
 turkish towel //  i love these towels.  super absorbent and soft too!
 plum prety sugar robe  // there aren’t prettier robes out there!  Perfect for getting ready with your BFFs the morning of and beyond.
What are y’all giving your girls?

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