Let’s chat teeth, shall we?  I have had braces twice.  My parents could be summering in France for the amount they forked over for my teeth… twice.   The first time was during second grade, which was actually OK because if there is ever a cool time to have braces – it is second grade.  I wore those metal contraptions with pride!  Then because I have such awesome teeth genes (this is completely and utterly sarcastic) those braces came back on during all of middle school when awkwardness was at an all time high for me (for everyone, maybe?!).  I definitely didn’t get my first kiss until long after they were off.  And now here I am, thirty, with a snaggle tooth, begging for Invisalign.  Dropping hints at my husband like it is hot.  All because I was twenty and irresponsible and didn’t wear my retainer.  JB thinks I’m being dramatic about my snaggle tooth but whatever (I’m not!), and the request for Invisalign will continue until he agrees that the snaggle tooth has gotten out of control I annoy him until he can’t take it any longer.

The obsession all started with seeing what Invisalign did for my best friend.  And ever since then Invisalign Aligners have been on my Christmas list slash list of needs.   What’s amazing is she didn’t even take them off for her wedding!  We all insisted that it made her teeth look whiter, and one of our friends exclaimed “it makes you have a sexy pouty lip”.  So while she could have had them off for her wedding, they stayed on!  And no one but us bridesmaids even knew!  Proof is in the pudding y’all, there she is – wearing her Invisalign – looking like thee most stunning bride that ever existed.  period.  did I mention, she’s wearing her Invisalign (!!!).  check out the whole wedding right here.

{photo via Jessica Lorren}

** this post is sponsored by Invisalign- a product I’ve been trying to convince my husband is a necessity**big thanks to Heather for letting me show off her beauty smile on her wedding day**

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