Spring Style: Modern Classic for New days

This Spring interior design trends are all about the Modern Classic – the styles and pieces that edit and strip down the classic New England and Parisian forms into clean, modern lines and shapes. We spoke with local interior decorator Lisa Mazzola to learn her thoughts on the latest trends and share some tips on how to best incorporate these styles into your own home.

Colors for this season are feature a base in the cool grays, but to mix up your color palette Lisa suggests adding pops of color in your accessories. “Try using Honeysuckle or Citrus Yellow and grounding it with graphite and ashy blacks,” she explains. “And the aquatic blues are taking on strongly. Blue was considered dated for a while but is coming back strongly.” Find your blue in the Ralph Lauren Indigo Modern bedding, a collection sporting a strong blue on a base of mixed grays set in geometric and tie-dye patterns.


Ralph Lauren “Indigo Modern” Bedding Collection
Available at www.ralphlauren.com
Retail from $50 – $300

For living spaces with many different pieces of furniture, variety is key to capture the Modern Classic style. “Take a very modern, clean line sofa with a low profile,” suggests Lisa, “and work in a couple of chairs in the Parisian style but covered in more of a graphic fabric – it gives an updated French look versus a true antique.”


Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams
Available at Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Signature Store, Natick

Texture has always played a part of any well-designed room, but the Modern Classic style views texture and faux finishes in an entirely different way. “The sponges and all that are long gone, but commercial-style textures and wall coverings are starting to come back,” explains Lisa. While using wallpaper for a full room is a thing of the past, Lisa explains that using touches of it can add a nice accent to a room. “Use it for a specific accent wall or a small powder bath or one wall within a room to bring in texture.”


Maya Romanoff Wall Coverings
Available at Boston Donghia
Retail starting at $79

While certainly not a new trend, eco-friendly designs remain popular for current home décor. Moving beyond building materials such as bamboo floors and LED lighting, your furniture itself can be earth friendly. “Restoration Hardware is using recycled planks for tables,” offers Lisa, “They have this grayed-out, washed out wood that hit the scene about three years ago but has remained strong for this season.” Outfit your dining area with the reclaimed pine planks of 100-year-old buildings in England with Restoration Hardware’s Salvaged Wood Collection, a sleek line that literally reinvents classic materials into modern uses.


Restoration Hardware “Trestle” Salvaged Wood Collection
Available at Restoration Hardware retail locations or www.restorationhardware.com
Retail from $359 – $2,995

Perhaps best embodying the Modern Classic ethos are bold statement pieces blending time and place. New York-based and New England-manufactured, statement pieces from The New Traditionalists capture this essence in many of their unique designs. “Chair One Eighty is a wing-backed chair – very traditional,” affirms Lisa. But the chair, upholstered in tomato leather with limestone leather piping, features a very modern base. “Instead of curvy legs it has a squared off base that’s very clean,” says Lisa, “It’s a perfect example of taking a traditional piece of furniture and updating it.”


The New Traditionalists Chair no. One Eighty
Available at www.thenewtraditionalists.com
From $4,400

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