Brentwood Intrigue 7” Mattress Reviews

Every mattress is different and so are the people who sleep on them. The two biggest sellers in today’s market are memory foam and coil mattresses, which are both very different. The Brentwood Intrigue 7 inch mattress is an inner spring mattress that uses 13.5 gauge tempered steel coils in order to give you the added support and comfort that you look for without sacrificing quality.

Brentwood Intrigue 7” Mattress Reviews

Brentwood Intrigue 7” Mattress Reviews

The Brentwood Intrigue has 312 inner spring coils that will give you a wonderful night sleep every time you lay down. Whether you like the cool mattress or warm mattresses, the Brentwood Intrigue 7 inch mattress offers padding that allows air to flow freely throughout the mattress. This is very important when talking about a mattress because many people get too warm throughout the night and their mattress doesn’t help to cool them off.

This mattress is rather inexpensive at just over $150, but you wouldn’t know that it costs that much. With a mattress under $200, you would think that it is hard and won’t last long, however, that is not the case here. The Brentwood Intrigue is extremely soft with its multiple layers of plush comfort padding and wrapped coils. If you are looking for a full-size mattress that you will enjoy night after night, then this is the full-size mattress for you. Remember, price and comfort are very important and this mattress has a little bit of both.

One thing that you should know about the Brentwood Intrigue full-size mattress is that it weighs less than 35 pounds. What this means to you is that you can use it on more than just a regular box spring. If you have a futon or a fold out couch, then this would make the perfect mattress for both of those. Just know that you have options once you buy this full-size mattress. Something that you may not know about the Brentwood Intrigue is that although it is so lightweight and can be folded to fit into a fold out couch, it still is one of the most comfortable mattresses out there. This is important because many people look for comfort over practicality.

Many people believe that price is a huge factor when determining how good a mattress is, however, it doesn’t always dictate whether the mattress is better than another one or not. Being that people are all different, you can’t say that one mattress is best for them without actually knowing what they like. It is because of this that we offer reviews of many mattresses so that you can get an idea of what will work best for you and why. Whether you want a soft mattress or a firm mattress, you will find it all here.

So, if you don’t think the Brentwood Intrigue is perfect for you then take a look around this site and see what other mattresses there are. You will be pleasantly surprised by all the mattress reviews that we offer and I am sure you will find the perfect mattress for you. Check out here

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