Bridal Shower Inspiration

posted on: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A close friend of mine, Em, is hosting a bridal shower, and asked for some tips ...
first, what makes a great bridal shower?
secondly - inspiration.  This bride loves rustic chic.  
What is extra fun about a bridal shower is the fact that you can make it so personal.  Some things that simply wouldn't work in a wedding setting, b/c of the sheer size, can work in a bridal shower. 

But, what does make a great bridal shower?  
Sometimes they are a little stuffy or ... awkward.  But I believe it can be done just right.
To me bridal showers are the best when they are relaxed, fun, intimate, and meaningful.  

So you're best gal is getting married! 
After the OMG's have subsided, you've decided to host a shower in her honor.

First things first.

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|| Set The Tone ||

Think about her and only her.  
what does she like?
Often times you can draw inspiration from how she decorates to how she dresses.
What are her favorite designers? Where do y'all shop when you're together? // you've got your theme!
Where do you eat when you're out? // hi there fave eats
What's her favorite drink? // hello custom drink 

Build the invitations, decor, and food around her.
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|| Decide what kind of Shower it will be ||

Is it a couples, giftcard, bachelorette, lingerie, kitchen, entertainment, experience shower?  Which kind.
Again, think about the couple.  It's OK to ask her.  Just come up with a few ideas for her to pick from.

|| Customize ||

If you're crafty, customize cake toppers, chair backs, etc... and if you'd rather outsource... well, etsy is the place.  And it's usually fairly inexpensive.  
Another way to have a custom invitation is by having a calligrapher design the invitations!  and you can have a calligrapher design signs, place cards as well.  If you find an up and coming calligrapher - you can get it for very little, but it makes a BIG impact.  

{ via Holly Burns }

 || Alcohol ||

If the bride is comfortable with it, offer something for each guest when they arrive.  
And have an un-alcoholic option as well - lemonade, sweet tea, infused water.  

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 || Present Opening ||

I've learned that it isn't just me that doesn't love to open gifts in front of everyone. 
Make sure your bride is comfortable with it.  
If she's not, you can always consider a drop by shower, so people don't feel the pressure of staying the whole length of the shower.  They can pop in for some treats, drop a present, enjoy the bride and get back to her day.  Or hang out all day!


 || Games ||

Again, consider the bride.
Does she like this sort of thing?


|| Music ||

For heaven's sake, make a playlist! 
Particularly important if you do decide to open presents where generally the focus is ALL on the bride.  and her reaction to each present.  That's a lot of pressure!  Take some of it off with some good music, and arrange the seats where people can chat with one another.  

 || Flowers ||

Keep it simple.  Try to find out her favorite flowers, and hope they are in season!

|| Size ||

Determine how intimate of a gathering she wants.
Is she more of a few close friends type of girl or is she friends with everyone.  
Decide also what the space can handle, and give her a # to work with to come up with addresses.

||  Timing || 

If it's just girls and a younger crowd - maybe make it a wine & cheese fete.  
Couples - evening, and a dinner. 
Everyone - afternoon or brunch

These are, of course, just guidelines I go by ... when in doubt, think WWTBW
{what would the bride want(: }

And if you have a question - feel free to ask it below, or on formspring.  

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